Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your business up and running in the event of an unexpected disaster

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery deals with a company’s ability to restore its technology services after an emergency or other unexpected event occurs. It utilizes a combination of hardware and software to protect a company’s data. Disaster recovery plans also outline specific steps that need to be taken — such as data backup and server restoration — to protect and recover a company’s business-critical data.

The key component of a good disaster recovery plan is redundancy. If a file is corrupt in one location, do you have it saved somewhere else at a different time or different place? Having multiple backups on premises and in the cloud is the way to beat some of the worst viruses and ransomware out there. Wood Dragon IT is here to assist you with this important factor of your business moving forward.

What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity focuses on a company’s ability to remain in operation, or recover to an operational state, during or following a disaster. Business continuity plans are comprehensive, consider all essential functions of a business, and can provide solutions to long-term challenges — such as supply chain breakdowns or employee illness — that have the potential to disrupt business operations.

What’s the difference?

Although disaster recovery is data-centric and business continuity is business-centric, both concepts go hand in hand. In fact, disaster recovery is only one part of a company’s business continuity plan. Business continuity puts in place procedures and technology that allow companies to work through a disaster, while disaster recovery uses that technology to back up, store, and recover business critical data. Disaster recovery answers the questions of where your company’s data is, when that data was last backed up, and how long it will take to restore that data.

Why does my business need this?

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning will protect your company’s data, employees, and public image. Companies that utilize disaster recovery and business continuity along with cybersecurity policies are less likely to suffer a data breach or ransomware infection.

Wood Dragon IT can protect you with a disaster recovery plan that is customized for your company and the needs of your customers and vendors. We have you covered with our Cyber Breach and Cyber Crime insurance.

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