6 Elements to consider when budgeting for IT

Creating a spending plan is necessary to ensure that your company will always have enough money for the things you need, but business leaders often dread the budgeting process. It’s tough enough trying to forecast spending for predictable expenses, but having to consider unpredictable expenses at the same time makes budgeting even more challenging.

Want to grow your business? Consider these critical sales touchpoints

Many businesses today rely on sales to survive and grow, which is why communicating with potential consumers demands a strategic approach. Use the wrong tactic at the wrong moment, and you can kiss a once-interested prospect goodbye.

The best sales and business people understand that to win a potential customer’s trust, you must integrate value into every step of the buyer’s journey while providing solutions to their problems.

2FA and MFA: What’s the difference?

Weak passwords and stolen credentials are among the most common causes of data breaches. So if your password is “password,” “123456,” or “qwerty,” then it may be time for a change. Using a hard-to-guess password is a strong first step, but this alone can’t guarantee protection from cyberattacks.

Telltale signs of a phishing email

Are you sure the email you received from the World Health Organization (WHO) is actually from them? Cybercriminals often use emails purporting to be from reputable organizations to steal information or spread malware. These emails coax you into clicking on various kinds of content and, ultimately, divulging personal or confidential data.

How to manage IT costs during a crisis

Cost-cutting is a prudent strategy for small businesses struggling to survive the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, overdoing it can run the risk of reducing productivity and losing business. It’s vital to have a deliberate approach in controlling costs, especially when it comes to technology.

How to maintain business momentum

Do you feel like the growth of your small business has plateaued? Don’t fret. Many successful companies experience slumps, even if they do have first-class products, superb customer service, and a steady flow of customers. Growth can be stalled due to an imperfect strategy or a lack of resources or simply because it’s part of the normal cycle of business growth and evolution.

Ways to maintain and extend the life of your laptop

With the pandemic forcing tech retail and repair stores to close, people are concerned that they won't be able to get their laptops repaired in case they break. Malfunctioning gadgets are inconvenient at a time when many are relying on them to stay connected and get work done.

5 Security mistakes businesses make when moving to the cloud

The coronavirus pandemic has given rise to widespread cloud adoption. Many organizations are now leveraging cloud technologies to scale and manage their key applications and support their remote teams.

But because some businesses are keen on quickly boosting operations, they tend to overlook the risks associated with transitioning to the cloud.

Why will 5G matter to SMBs?

Long before wireless carriers started deploying 5G, the fifth generation of wireless mobile technology had been sparking interest across various industries. Offering faster and more reliable connections on various devices, 5G will impact nearly every sector in some way — from retail and manufacturing to healthcare and agriculture as well as entertainment and education.

The importance of cloud compliance

Cloud computing has undeniably revolutionized the way we work and live. It has gone from being a promising idea to being the foundation of many businesses. As cloud technologies continue to be key drivers of growth, the need to comply with new guidelines and regulations is increasingly important as well.

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