Want to grow your business? Consider these critical sales touchpoints

Want to grow your business? Consider these critical sales touchpoints

Many businesses today rely on sales to survive and grow, which is why communicating with potential consumers demands a strategic approach. Use the wrong tactic at the wrong moment, and you can kiss a once-interested prospect goodbye.

The best sales and business people understand that to win a potential customer’s trust, you must integrate value into every step of the buyer’s journey while providing solutions to their problems. That is, instead of pushing a person to purchase, you should provide more context about your product, point them toward relevant resources, and remind them that they are in control of the situation.

Consider these critical sales touchpoints to help you close more sales:

1. Social media

Maintaining a social media presence provides a host of business benefits. For the most part, it allows you to engage directly with your audience in the most convenient way possible.

There are numerous ways in which you can encourage engagement in social media. For instance, you can post a series of Instagram Stories that give helpful tips for getting more out of your products. You can also host a quick Q&A session via Facebook Live to provide prospects with answers when they need to make an informed decision.

Aside from leveraging social media to build awareness about your brand, you can use it to communicate authority and show authenticity. Prove your expertise by providing relevant industry information or writing pieces related to your offerings. At the same time, let your brand’s personality shine through. Avoid dry, formal social media posts, and focus on genuine experiences that consumers can easily relate to. Doing so can quickly elevate your reputation with customers and prospects alike.

2. A leveled-up version of a first email

The first outreach isn’t always the beginning of a relationship with a prospect. Consumers today interact with all sorts of content online or in person before subscribing to an email list. That’s why it’s crucial to turn this initial engagement into something special, so you can catch the eye of prospective customers.

Instead of sending a templated prospecting email, consider making a video. You don’t need expensive equipment to create a polished and professional video — simply shoot in an area with plenty of light, no background noise, and good acoustics. To secure a prospect’s interest, make sure your video is short and to the point, and highlights how your product or service can solve their problem. Most importantly, include a clear call to action like a call invite or a testimonial request to make it easier for your prospect to move through your sales funnel.

3. Smart outreach

Today’s consumers are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages, so they are bound to ignore or easily forget information that does not suit or interest them. To address this, many businesses are using technologies that allow them to predict consumer behavior and, consequently, connect with prospects in the moments when they're most willing to take the next action.

For instance, a workflow automation tool can identify when a prospect opens your email but has yet to get in touch for more information. The tool can either send an automated response or prompt you to reach out once again, which means this could be a perfect opportunity for a follow-up video email.

Although there is no clear-cut path to purchase for today’s consumers, considering these touchpoints and optimizing communications will enable your business to have a bigger impact on prospects at every stage.

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