Why will 5G matter to SMBs?

Why will 5G matter to SMBs?

Long before wireless carriers started deploying 5G, the fifth generation of wireless mobile technology had been sparking interest across various industries. Offering faster and more reliable connections on various devices, 5G will impact nearly every sector in some way — from retail and manufacturing to healthcare and agriculture as well as entertainment and education.

But why will this matter to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)? With connectivity becoming increasingly important, 5G will provide SMBs with the edge they need to stay ahead of competitors.

The next generation of cellular data transmission

If 4G initiated the mobile internet revolution, then 5G will kick off the era of mass connectivity. 5G will see an exponential rise in download and upload speeds, and expand networks to support more devices.

This next generation of networks is expected to provide the infrastructure needed to process enormous amounts of data, eventually unifying a broad range of industries. Experts also believe that 5G is setting the scene for a massive shift to cloud computing.

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Unprecedented speeds and lower latency

5G speeds vary depending on location, carrier, and device, but its average transmission rate is 20 times faster than 4G. If it takes you 10 minutes to download a 1 GB file on 4G, it’ll only take you less than a minute to download the same file on 5G.

Another great thing about 5G is its lower latency or the amount of time it takes to move data from one point to another. With shorter delays or little to no lag, online communication and collaboration tools such as video conferencing apps can run instantaneously. This is especially helpful for a distributed remote workforce, as they can navigate online platforms with greater ease and efficiency.

Combine these with higher bandwidth and the ability to run multiple apps at once — which 5G also offers — and you’re all set for increased operational efficiency. These unique enhancements make businesses more competitive and better equipped to meet diverse industry and client demands.

Network slicing and enhanced cybersecurity

Another defining feature of 5G is network slicing, or the ability to divide a single physical network into multiple virtual networks. Each of these virtual networks can be customized for particular apps, services, or purposes, while still operating on the same hardware. Businesses can use this feature to quickly and flexibly accommodate specific client demands.

Network slicing also comes with added security and resilience. Because virtual networks are essentially separated, breaches and cyberthreats won’t spread from one network to another.

Greater SMB innovation

5G connectivity can amplify the capacity, functionality, and flexibility of diverse industries. In agriculture, for instance, wireless technology can be used to remotely monitor livestock wellness or control autonomous farm vehicles. Meanwhile, exploring 5G technologies can help vehicle manufacturers finally develop self-driving cars.

This connectivity can also help SMBs to easily experiment with and leverage popular technologies such as robotics, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

For instance, real estate agencies can utilize VR to “tour” prospective buyers or renters around their properties. Instead of having clients physically visit and view apartments or houses, brokers and agents can use VR headsets to project 3D environments that showcase their listings.

As 5G and its related technologies evolve, new user experiences will develop, sure to bring with them innovation and improved performance, efficiency, and cost.

Your Connecticut business can achieve more by effectively utilizing 5G and cloud technologies. To learn how these nuanced technologies can help boost your company’s productivity, partner with an expert managed services provider (MSP) like Wood Dragon IT. Get in touch with our IT experts now, and let’s get you started on your journey to success.

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