How cloud computing helps support your remote workforce

How cloud computing helps support your remote workforce

Empowered by cloud and mobile technologies, more people are working remotely than ever before. Mobility has become the new norm in an increasingly connected world.
While some business leaders might lament the shift away from the traditional office environment, supporting a remote workforce brings many important benefits to your organization:

  • You don’t need as much office space.
  • You don’t need to pay for new computers when employees can use their own.
  • Workers tend to be more productive when they can choose where, when, and how they do their jobs.

Here’s how the cloud can make it happen:

Seamless online collaboration

Online collaboration solutions bring the social elements of the traditional office into the digital space while also expanding collaborative reach beyond physical boundaries. With tools like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting, people from all over the world can get together and hold video conferences as though they’re in the same room. Now, businesses can tap into talent that was previously inaccessible to them, and they have many more useful tools at their disposal than email alone.

Cloud-based collaboration platforms work independently of the device used to access them. That means your remote workers can connect to a centralized repository of information and knowledge sharing, upload their work, and even co-author the same documents in real time. For example, the cloud makes it possible for two people on opposite ends of the world to work on the same projects at the same time, exchanging messages and holding meetings as they see fit.

Unlimited ability to scale

One of the most important benefits of workforce mobility is its ability to scale. For example, it’s possible to work with employees, contractors, or freelancers anywhere in the world without having to provide your own physical resources. In fact, some innovative startups don’t have a traditional office at all, but instead operate entirely in the digital space. That way, they don’t have to pay for network hardware, their upgrades, the physical space to put them in, and the infrastructure needed to run it. Instead, much of their IT resources are delivered as a service for a predictable monthly fee.

Having a remote workforce has many other benefits. For example, the ability to work at home is hugely attractive to parents of young children. Also, it eliminates the need to commute, thus reducing your impact on the environment. The cloud makes this possible by providing access to web-based resources on demand. And since these resources are updated automatically, you don't have to worry about doing the upkeep yourself.

Enhances security for remote workers

Before cloud-based software and storage became truly viable for businesses, the few people who did work from home would rely on email for exchanging documents. They’d even bring in files stored in physical storage media when they returned to the office. This made it nearly impossible for companies to keep an eye on their confidential data assets.

The cloud enables businesses to maintain oversight of their data. Nowadays, there’s no need to store potentially sensitive business data on mobile devices. Instead, everything may be kept in the cloud for centralized administration, monitoring, and control. For increased data security, implement multifactor authentication for cloud-based accounts. And if an employee leaves the company, you only need to revoke their access rights to your cloud-based apps and not worry about them retaining business data on their own devices.

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